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No Holds Barred: The Future of Wrestling, In Their Own Words

Host,Eddie Goldman discusses the future of wrestling, the continuing problems and crisis facing Olympic wrestling, and the rebirth and growth of catch wrestling. Highlighted are audio quotes we have gotten over the years on these topics from many people around the world, including: MMA pioneer and grappler John Perretti; Clint Kingsbury of Wrestling Canada Lutte; Olympic freestyle wrestling champion, coach, and former MMA fighter Kevin Jackson; MMA legend and former Greco-Roman wrestling US champion Randy Couture; NCAA Div. 2 wrestling champion and pro wrestler Bob Backlund; NCAA champion Teague Moore of Tour ACW; wrestling historians Nathan Hatton and Mike Chapman; Snake Pit Wigan catch wrestling legends Roy Wood and Billy Robinson; Garry Davis of Brazen Martial Arts; Steve Nelson of USWF Shootfighting and head wrestling coach at Palo Duro High School in Amarillo, Texas; Dan Kanagie of the North American Catch Wrestling Association; Jon Strickland of American Carny Style Catch as Ca…

Catch Wrestling Los Angeles Student Training at the Snake Pit Japan!

We are proud of our long time student, Kyle Johnson, for taking the initiative to train at the Snake Pit Japan while he visits Japan for the summer.  When he gets back, he will write a post about his experience practicing Catch Wrestling there.  In the meantime, here is a photo of Kyle and Mr. Miyato along with two other students.