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International Week Competition 2016

This year's International Week competition will feature wrestlers from around the world, and will be held in Bolton, UK.

For more information:

Mike Chapman Interview: The Future of Catch Wrestling

Catch Wrestling Los Angeles

Jennifer Thomas Catch Wrestling and Sanda Kickboxing Training

Catch Wrestling Seminar at Gracie Barra Glendale

World Champ, Chris Morales Practicing Takedowns

Train with the best in the world at Catch Wrestling at Catch Wrestling Los Angeles!

R-Truth Visits Our Catch Wrestling Class!

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Frank Gotch Worlds Mens 160-179 Division: Johnny Boyd vs Keanu Huete

Frank Gotch Worlds: Curran Jacobs vs Travis Newaza Warner Catch Weight M...

Frank Gotch Worlds Men's 200+ Division: Nicholas Caggia vs Christopher M...

Frank Gotch Worlds Men's 200-219 Division: Wilton Bunn vs Ned Morales

Two World Champions, and Two Silver Medallists

We are very proud of our competitors!

Catch Wrestling Alliance on Takedown TV: 6/28/16

Catch Wrestling Weekend in Humboldt, Iowa July 2-3, 2016!

I'm a Catch Wrestler: Curran Jacobs Interview

Frank Gotch World Catch Tournament

Jasse Junkkari Interview about Catch History and BJJ

Exclusive Interview on Catch Wrestling with Raul, Yunquan and Matt

CWA Singapore Semifinal: Chan vs Ryan Vance

Catch Wrestling Los Angeles in the News in Singapore!

Wrestlers from Catch Wrestling Los Angeles will compete and take part in a huge weekend of Catch Wrestling seminars and matches in Singapore the weekend of March 19-20!Footage was used in the national media to promote the event. Qin Yunquan the CEO of our sister school in Singapore, Kapap Academy Singapore, was interviewed. Great to see Catch Wrestling in the news!

Catch Wrestling Class Time Change

We are moving our Sunday morning class to Saturday at 4 PM from now on.

Thank you for your support!

Catch Wrestling Los Angeles: Suplex Practice

Don't worry about the rain, come train!

Catch Wrestling Alliance: Singapore

The next historic event has been announced!