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Check Out Cool New Banners Made by a Student!

Billy Robinson: Half Halch Salto

No Holds Barred: Is Catch Wrestling the Sleeping Giant of Combat Sports?

On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman discusses some of the many problems plaguing the combat sports, in particular MMA and boxing, and asks if catch wrestling, where you can only win by pin or submission, and which has been having a rebirth of late, can re-emerge as a popular spectator sport as it once was in the early 1900s. Also discussed is the devolution of professional catch wrestling into a fixed non-sport, which was most likely the worst case of corruption in the modern history of sports in the world.

Raul Ramirez with Billy Robinson and Great Training Partners

Had a blast training with Billy Robinson, Para Olympian, Scott Jones, and Ty Strang. Thanks to everyone! Hope to see everyone again soon.

Half Halch Salto, by Billy Robinson

Billy Robinson Raul Ramirez after three great days of Catch Wrestling training.